Sou um parágrafo. Clique aqui para me editar e adicionar seu texto. Sou um ótimo lugar para contar sua história e permitir que seus visitantes saibam um pouco mais sobre você.



Sou um parágrafo. Clique aqui para me editar e adicionar seu texto. Sou um ótimo lugar para contar sua história e permitir que seus visitantes saibam um pouco mais sobre você.

High Performance Dentistry

Make your dental practice or clinic a profitable and adored company for your patients.

Sênior Marketing - Services Marketing Specialists

Results. This is the work of Senior Marketing. We are a small global consulting firm with clients in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Formed by a select team of professionals with a doctorate in business administration and marketing with more than 18 years of experience in the healthcare market. Our focus is to bring your best practices in management, marketing and finance to your office or clinic so your business thrives on profitability, sustainability, and you can have a business that generates revenue even when you're not working on it.

How we work

  • Attendance in your clinic anywhere in USA and Canada;

  • In your time. Solving your problems;

  • Phase consulting. Hire according to your need;

  • Only master consultants and doctors in administration and marketing;

  • More than 30 commercial strategies developed to attract patients;

  • Premium consulting for anyone who wants to set up a business that generates income even when they are not working in the day to day on your clinic.

Our Promise

  We promise to use the knowledge, methodology and commitment to transform your clinic into a highly profitable business so that you can continue to earn income even when you are not working on your day to day business. In your time, in your workplace, solving your problems.

Business Planning and Management


Elaboration of the marketing plan of your clinic or hospital. A well thought out plan that sets your financial goals and a way to get there.

Your integrated development center for your clinic

Sales Department Structuring

Development of customized campaigns to capture patients using techniques tested and approved by dozens of clients.

Face-to-face Clinical Management and Organization Consulting


In your office, in your time, solving your problems. It's not online training, or canned training.

Digital Marketing 


A complete digital marketing agency with website production, social media management, video production, SEO, Google advertising, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and many more.

Content Marketing


Specialized production of optimally written content to attract, capture and convert patients to your office, clinic or hospital.

Application Development


Create custom applications that make your clinic unique and differentiated from your competitors.

Communication and Advertising


We take care of all the communication and advertisement of your clinic or hospital. Internal promotional material, visual identity, promotional material for magazines, folders, newspapers, flyers, events, etc. Always following the standards of the federal councils that regulate professional categories of health.

Press office


Creation of guidelines, relationship with journalists, follow up, search of clippings, creation of mailings. Exposure of your brand to the most diverse media channels generating authority and reputation for you and your clinic.




New York

600 Third Avenue - 2nd floor - Manhattan - New York 10016

Telefone: +1 (347) 535 0666

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